Clove essential oil

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This Clove essential oil is a high-quality mid-grade product from Madagascar. It is very strong spicy smell and is best in small amounts in blends. It easily overpowers other scents. Clove is used in magick for money, love, and psychic powers.

Clove is a strong topical analgesic and is often used to numb tooth and gum pain. The magickal extrapolation is that it is used to "still the tongue" of one who is speaking ill of you. Clove essential oil also often turns up in formulas of the "Controlling" and "Commanding" varieties. It has a strong Doctrine of Signatures for the head, and is therefor used to increase mental alertness and acuity.

The below correspondences are vis Cunningham, Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs in plain text, C.L. Zalewski, Herbs in Magic and Alchemy in brackets, or my own interpretations in parenthesis.

Gender: Masculine [Masculine]

Element: Fire [Fire](Fire, Water)

Planet: Jupiter [Venus]

Zodiac: [Aries](Scorpio)