Frangipani perfume oil

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Frangipani is a tropical flower with the sweetest musky scent. They are a Plumeria species, and versions of this fragrance are often also sold as Plumeria. I can't tell much difference between Frangipani and Plumeria flowers when I've smelled them in a tropical greenhouse, but I wanted my Frangipani fragrance to smell like these flowers.

This synthetic perfume comes darned close to the impossible-to-distill Frangipani flower fragrance. It also smells like the Frangipani I came to love as a child of the 70's. It is definitely a woman's perfume, and it does blend well with other essential oils and synthetic fragrances.

I can package this product in whatever size you want, although I can't guarantee I always have larger quantities in stock. If I don't have a link for the size you are after, use the Special Order link at the bottom of my pages and fill in the blanks.

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