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Torchlight is a long and graceful Pomegranate and Golden Apatite crystal wand.Most Apatite stones are a dreamy outer-space dark blue, but occasionally you find this Golden Apatite variety which seems to have a light coming from within. This crystal is nearly perfectly pointed with just barely noticeable chips off the edges. The internal fractures in the stone only highlight and reflect light, giving a brightening effect. It is easy to see why this stone is used to heighten mental clarity and to develop one's True Will. I have secured it to a long Pomegranate stem with silver wire. There is a knot/healed wound at the bottom of the stem which I have aligned to "dock" exactly to the palm chakra in your hand when you hold the wand naturally. Pomegranate itself is sacred to Persephone, and so this wand could be a guiding light for any time the Practitioner must find their way in the darkness. 20 1/4 inches