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This is an explanation of the Alchemical reasoning behind the Natural Magick Shop Elemental magick oils and Elemental ritual incenses. I will describe the methodologies behind their production to show how I endeavor to capture the fullest power of the Elements.

These most basic of formulations have taken fifteen years to develop. For both my Planetary and Elemental potions, I wanted very special, very rational, extensively researched formulae. I wanted them to be &endash; if not at first perfect in subjective Fragrance (though NOT out of reach of my capabilities) &endash; as Alchemically perfect in Magick of Number, Planet, Phase of Moon, Time of Day, Color, and Cardinal Direction.


Magick of Number

For the Cardinal (tangible) Elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, I deduced that each would be ruled by the number Four, for the four Directions with which they are associated, East, South, West and North. Each of these has four ingredients.

For the Intangible Element, called Spirit or sometimes Akasha, the ruling number is deduced to be Five, the top peak of the Pentagram, and the number which guides the unfurling of the Spiral, which is one of the magickal symbols for Spirit, the Elusive Element of Time. Spirit oil and incense are therefore compounded of five ingredients.

Since Center or Spirit partakes of, and is the source of each of the tangible Elements, these formulations would include one of the four ingredients of each, plus one rare ingredient which only could be ruled by Spirit.


Magick of Planet

This set of correspondence is not as easy as number. While the four Elements are easy to unfold into Planetary correspondences, the reverse operation is less natural. I do my best, hoping it benefits us all.

Air Element breathes the nature of two Planets: Mercury and Jupiter. Air incense and oil is made on Wednesday.

Fire Element burns with the nature of Sun and Mars. Fire incense and oil is made on Sunday.

Water Element reflects the nature of Moon and Venus. Water incense and oil is made on Monday.

Earth Element resides only in the nature of Saturn. Earth incense and oil is made on Saturday.

Spirit infuses all of the Planets, but Mercury carries its message best of all. Spirit incense and oil is made on Wednesday.


Phase of Moon, Time of Day

Many Magickal and Alchemical scholars have provided time-tested process for Lunar harmony in our spell work and magick. Here I have again taken the uncomfortable task of folding the Lunar correspondences back into the Elements.

Air Element blows through the Crescent Moon, since the New Moon rises at dawn, Air incense and oil is formulated in the morning.

Fire Element charges the Second Quarter of the Moon, since the waxing half Moon is seen rising at noon. Fire incense and oil is therefore concocted at midday.

Water Element flows down from the Full Moon, and since the Full Moon rises at sunset, Water incense and oil is potioned at the end of the day.

Earth Element weighs in on the Third quarter, which rises at midnight. Earth incense and oil is compounded around midnight.

Spirit envelopes all phases of the Moon, and is integrated on the Dark Moon/ New Moon.


Magick of Color

This correspondence has plenty of tradition, so all that was to be done for my potions was apply it.

Air Element is corresponded to Yellow or Clear/White, easy to achieve in the Air oil with just my pale yellow base oils of Almond/Jojoba and the light, colorless essential oils affined to Air. For the Air incense, Benzoin base makes for a relatively colorless powder.

Fire Element is colored Orange and Red, and Dragon's Blood resin gives both my Fire oil and Fire incense a burning red/orange color.

Water Element is naturally associated with the color Blue. Water oil is given blue by Blue Chamomile essential oil, and Water incense approaches a blue/green with Blue Tansy essential oil.

Earth partakes of the colors Brown, Black, and Green. Earth oil is deeply brown/black with Mushroom essential oil. Earth incense is the color of good garden soil with, among other things, Wood Aloes.

Spirit is alternatively imagined to be: White, Black, Grey, or Purple. Spirit oil is given an approach to Purple with Alkanet infused oil and Blue Tansy. Spirit incense is Grey with the mixture of all the elements plus the rare and esteemed clear colored Oud wood powder, also known as Lignum Aloes.


Cardinal Direction

This is one of the really easy correspondences often overlooked by even professional potioneers. As I create each oil or incense, I face the Cardinal Direction indicated. While I employ an energetic shield between myself and my potion, (to prevent my energies from contaminating YOUR potion) that same shield serves to catch and concentrate the Elemental energies flowing from the cardinal direction. As I face East, the winds blow towards me, but are blocked with my shield and directed into the Air incense or oil being created. And so I face South for the Fire formulation, West for the Water workings, North for the Earth aggregations. For Spirit, I will necessarily change directions as each Element is integrated into the incense or oil.



As you might imagine, the exacting circumstances indicated by my process limit the production of some of these formulae to a few times a year. They are consequently more expensive than my main line of ritually crafted potions, which don't slouch a bit. It is my hope that my Alchemical Oils and Incenses will satisfy the requirements of the most diligent Hermetic practitioner, or the wild desires of the studied eclectic NeoPagan. With one set each of the Elemental and Planetary kits, any magician of any tradition could produce a spell or ritual for any required end.

With These Potions

Your Desires and Notions

An It Harm None

May Thy Will Be Done

Elemental oils are sold separately in my usual 1/2 ounce bottles for $7 each. Elemental oil sets are sold in sets of four (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) 1/2 ounce bottle size for $27, and sets of four 1/4 ounce vial size for $18. They are also sold in sets of five (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit) 1/2 ounce bottles for $37 and five 1/4 ounce vial size for $20. Elemental incenses are in 1/2 ounce corked vials for $6 each, or sets of four for $24, or sets of five for $30.

Cedar Stevens
June 2008

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