Dream Magick

DREAM MAGICK is probably something we are working 

on every night, whether we realize it or not! The state of consciousness which is ideal for magick is very close to, if not the same sate of subconscious interconnection that we experience while asleep and dreaming. Dream state is a direct link to the Collective Unconsciousness where self and other are shown to be the false duality they really are. The challenge to the Practitioner is to be able to integrate the Conscious Will into the Dream landscape. Often known as lucid dreaming, this practice is the active participation in contrast with what is usually the inactive state where we receive our dreams and stories, messages sometimes psychic and prophetic in nature, through our dreams. Many a Practitioner has found satisfying exploration of this state of mind which occupies so much of our mortal lifetime.


The potions of dream work will enjoy the energies of Water and Moon almost exclusively. There should be a very relaxing, restful scent, which is nonetheless very memorable.