Astral Travel, Prophesy, and Psychic Magick

Astral Travel, prophesy and Psychic Magick are similar workings. This sort of magick works on the premise that our consciousness is not limited to the perception of our flesh-and-blood bodies incarnate on Earth only, and that we are part of the Whole Being, One Knowing, or whatever we may call it according to culture or spiritual tradition. From the genesis sometimes called the Big Bang, and otherwise known as the Time Continuum, it is the understanding that we have access to knowledge of all Time and Space, since we are of course Children of Both.

Most of the operations to access information or energies beyond the mundane reality will involve some form of exercise of meditation, relaxation, trance or other altered state of consciousness. While there are many techniques and many style of training to do this, most teachers would agree that all of us have this ability, being born of the Source as we all are, and our achievement in these regards will be a function of Talent, Will, Instruction and/or Resource. In other words, if we lack Talent, we may avail ourselves of Will, Instruction and Resource. If we have Talent, our achievements will be benefited Instruction and Will, even if Resources are lacking. Or any other combination of Circumstance, so long as Will is available for the undertaking.

Here is what Natural Magick Shop can offer in the way of Resources for Astral Travel, Psychism and Prophesy Magick.