While inhaling the smoke of anything burning is less than healthy, many humans love to smoke flavorful, medicinal or recreational herbs. The active ingredients of some herbs survive the burning, and are readily absorbed into the bloodstream, for a very immediate result.

These blends are offered for enjoyment and healing. The herbs are ritually blended, and pleasant to the taste. You can roll "joints" or cigarettes using cigarette rolling papers. This is something of a skill, but fairly easy to learn. Or you can use a pipe to enjoy the smoke, for a very Wizardly effect!

Some folks will use Natural Magick smoking blends to recover from smoking addictive herbs like Tobacco or illegal smokes like Marijuana. Some folks will enjoy them when their friends are smoking other things at a party or gathering. Or you might use these smokes as a part of spiritual, shamanistic, vision questing, or solitary rituals. They are formulated to be tasty, mild, cool, and enjoyable to smoke. But remember, "inhaling the smoke of anything burning is less than healthy" and care for your lungs. If you have any lung weakness or illness, you would be wise to avoid smoking altogether.