Bath Magick

I don't know if this is really true, but there is a legend that bathing was so associated with Magick and Witchcraft in the Middle Ages that it was considered a Christian virtue to bath as seldom as possible. It is even rumored that Queen Elizabeth bathed only once a month. I don't see any reason why we should not have a nice hot bath (or a cool one in warm weather like Texas summers!) whenever we want. My Bath Magick blends are ritually crafted but feel free to use them for simple relaxation and enjoyment!

While I make bath salts and scrubs too, what I end up using most are my bath herbs. Bath salts have the advantage of being very easy to use - just dump a scoop into the bath and get in! Bath herbs take a little bit more preparation. Basically you are making a big pot of tea from the herbs and pouring that into your bath water. It takes a while to bring the water to a boil and steep the herbs. Complete instructions are given on the back of the package, of course. The advantage is that with an herb tea, you get both the fragrance of the essential oils AND the water-soluble nutrition from the herbs. My skin and hair feel smooth and soft after an herbal bath! Also, you can use these bath teas for either hot, lukewarm, or cool baths, depending on your season, climate and preference. I usually shower and shampoo BEFORE an herb tea bath, so I can get out of the bath without washing off the fragrance.

The bath herbs can also be used for mojo bags, spell mixes, intentional offerings, or even "dream" pillows

With bath salts, you really need the hot water to dissolve the salts. Some people are very sensitive to essential oils, and anybody can have an idiosyncratic reaction to an essential oil, especially if they are pregnant, ill or recovering from illness, or recently exposed to some sort of allergen or toxin. Bath herb teas are much less likely to cause reactions like this. When I use bath salts I usually shower and shampoo AFTER my bath, otherwise the salts make my hair sticky if I don't wash them out.

Like the rest of the Natural Magick products, these baths are ritually prepared on the best day of the week and Moon phase for the intention. And of course they all smell great!

The herbs come in a cello bag with two cups per bag of beautiful fragrant herbs. Each package contains enough herbs for two or three baths.

To prepare, boil at least a quart of water. Fill the reusable muslin bag (included) about half full with herbs. Turn off the heat of the pot and throw in the bag of herbs. Cover, and allow to steep for a good 15 minutes, while you draw the bath water. Add the tea to your bath, and use the muslin bag of herbs as a washcloth. This is an ancient technique for ritual bathing that fills your bath with both the essential oils and water-soluble compounds of the herbs. You can make a bath that is hot or cool this way. Especially recommended for sensitive skin.