Planetary Magick

PLANETARY MAGICK is a solar system sized body of magick which informs the largest part of the Western Tradition of Occult and Natural Magick. Like the Four (or Five) Elements, or the Phases of the Moon, or any other system, Planetary Magick is a way to divide, categorize and organize any power, ability or attribute. In this case a system was initiated by the ancient Sumerian people, who observing the sky day and night, were able to identify seven heavenly bodies that moved in rhythms different from the Stars, which rotate in unison.


These "Fixed Stars" or planets were correlated to seven gods and goddesses. These deities "ruled" the seven planets, now known to us as Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Moon. The Sumerians called them by the names of their gods, the Phoenicians by theirs, the Greeks and Romans by yet another set of names, yet, the functions of these deities, and the powers assigned to the Planets has remained essentially the same.  The presence of a Planetary tier of correspondence is what I propose to be signature to the Western Tradition of Occult and Natural Magick.

Most practically important to the modern practitioner is that the Seven Planets have contributed one of the most widespread conventions of civilized life: the seven day week.  Every day of the week, governed by its ruling Planet, indicates the most favorable day for any goal the Magickian has in mind. Please refer to my article, Planetary Magick, Ancient Magick of Time and the Music of the Spheres, or any other well composed treatise to guide you in years or a lifetime of exploration of the Planets. The Planetary days of the week, along with the phases of the Moon govern the creation of all Natural Magick Shop potions and products, from the planting of seeds to the harvesting to the grinding of incense or the dropping of drops of essential oils.