Mojo Kits

Mojo bags, bundles, conjure bags, ouanga bags, or gris-gris bags are all names for a bundle of magickal ingredients that are put into a small sack, or tied up into a square of cloth. By putting different herbs, minerals or specimens in the cloth, and using different colors of cloth and thread, you can create a mojo bag for just about anything that you will. This is a very ancient form of magick employed in one form or another by many cultures (if not all) and periods.

Natural Magick Mojo kits are really the best of two worlds! This is magick that YOU can really DIY, but I have done the work to gather the high quality ritually correct ingredients and presented them in a very attractive, even “giftable” manner. And as usual, if you would like something custom to your circumstances, drop me an email, and I can put it together for you on the next appropriate day and phase of Moon.

Some folks wear these as a necklace, but traditionally they are tucked out of sight, for gents, in the front right pocket  pocket if they are right handed, or left pocket for lefities. For ladies, in the purse or into the bra (where you can smell the nice fragrances wafting up). It depends on your intention; you might want Divine Guidance on your altar, Psychic under your pillow or in your Tarot bag, or Protection under your teenager's drivers seat.

Since they are carried around, usually every day all the time, these little spell bundles work on a more subtle, long-term basis. Use mojo bags if you have a need that is ongoing. If you have problems with depression, you are not going to want your happiness mojo once every while. If you have been lonely, you will carry your love drawing mojo for as long as it takes to attract your ideal lover.

While mojo bags can contain just about anything, Natural Magick Shop concentrates on the herbal components. I choose the highest quality, most visually appealing, often home grown and ritually harvested herbs from my gardens and from the wild. You will find Lavender that I ritually harvest each Spring and dry in hanging bundles in my magick laboratory. Whole Bay leaves that I collect from a neighbor’s trees and press in a book on the page about Bay Laurel. I smell each Juniper tree’s foliage on my rambling hikes and choose the tree that produces the most piney-fragrant leave, and these will be in the Protection mojo. The ingredients might change according to the seasons, but they will always be in the correct magick number, prepared on the correct day of the week, and presented in beautiful packaging.

To make your mojo, you are invited to handle and smell, then crumble each herb into the center of the square cloth, focusing on your intention, or saying your chants or prayers if you desire. You can use all of the herbs, or a smaller amount of each, to make a smaller mojo, as suits your need. Then you catch up the herbs in the cloth, and tie them up tightly into a little bundle, knotting the colored cord the appropriate number of times. Recommendations for numbers of knots, day of the week and phase of the Moon are given on the package. Feel free to trim the fabric and the cord to the dimensions you like.

Some kinds of mojo bags are meant to be opened up, items replaced or changed out. These kits are for mojo bundles designed to stay closed until your purpose is fulfilled. It is traditional to open up the mojo and disperse the contents when your goal is achieved, or after about four months, or when the herbs have lost their scent. (I sprinkle my old mojo ingredients into my compost heap.) Many people also anoint their mojo with corresponding oil either at the time of making, or to refresh its properties.