While I have a deep appreciation for the true essential oils of highest purity and quality, I also love just-for-fun synthetic and fashion perfumes! In this section you will find several categories of perfumes. These will always be labeled so you know exactly what you are getting. Enjoy buying these from a Witch who really knows how to tell the difference! There are a lot of really bad products out there, so I hope to save you from synthetics that give you a headache, smell nothing like the real thing, or will drive your friends, family, and loved ones out of your orbit! Essential oil purists and chemically sensitive folks will want to avoid most of these.

These are the different categories of perfumes that I carry:

SINGLE SCENT FRAGRANCES. These are synthetic oil fragrances which mimic the fragrances of a particular plant or flower. Some flower or fruit fragrances are simply impossible or frighteningly expensive to distil from natural sources. For these we make do with the chemists' arts. I do my best to source the products that actually do smell like the plant or flower they claim to mimic! As a gardener and certifiable Botany Geek, I really know what the genuine article is supposed to smell like. Some single-scent fragrances, like Gardenia are fun to wear as perfumes, and so I package these in both purse roller bottles and refill sized vials which you can use to either refill your vial or use to make your own potions. Some, like Watermelon or Hyacinth, are rarely used alone as perfumes, so they are sold in vials for your perfume concoctions. I do not recommend carrying vials of perfumes or fragrances in your purse! They always seem to come open and leak once you have forgotten about them!

PERFUME FRAGRANCES. These are synthetic oil fragrances that are for fashion perfume use. They are usually blends of many different synthetic fragrances, blends of synthetics and real essential oils, or single-scent fragrances entirely of human creation. I package these in roller bottles and refill-size vials. Again, I do not recommend carrying vials of perfumes or fragrances in your purse!

ESSENTIAL OIL PERFUMES. These are oil based perfumes which are either single scent or my own blends of true essential oils. I package them into purse sized roller vials. They are diluted with jojoba oil or a jojoba/almond oil blend to be safe for using directly on your skin.

SPRAY PERFUMES. The Sticky Fingers line of rock n roll perfumes is yet another result of my friend Otter's muse superpowers. Otter once had a small rock n roll boutique store, and he came up with the idea of having me invent a line of just-for-fun signature perfumes for the rock n roll lifestyle. I was so excited! After religiously adhering to the purity of crafting with true essential oils, now I could cut loose and just have fun! These are blends of synthetic fragrance oils, synthetics and essential oils, alcoholic beverages, and/or pure essential oils in an alcohol base. The alcohol dissolves the oils so they can be sprayed on. Sticky Fingers perfumes are inspired by and dedicated to legendary rocker musicians, their groupies, and the rock n roll lifestyle! Enjoy them for daytime wear or nighttime clubbing and partying. Forgive me if they make you dance or play Air Guitar!

SOLID PERFUMES. Some synthetic or natural perfumes are best in solid form. Generally they are in a semi-solid thick creamy or waxy base that you can spread on with your finger in very small amounts.