Moon Magick

MOON MAGICK is a worship in it's own rite! Or a means to any end. What could be more magickal than the rise of a big Full Moon? As we learned to count the days of its cycle, the Moon is probably the first math teacher to humanity, and it taught us to make the first correspondences with a heavenly body: the affect of the phases of the Moon is easy to see in women's fertility cycles and in the tides of the Seas. From this very clear instruction, we were able to then get the idea to correlate the less obvious movements and affects of the other "Fixed Stars," or Planets. The Magick of the Moon, and its phases is actually a part of the Magick of the Planets.

The Moon plays a huge part of the Natural Magick process. As the heavenly body closest to the Earth, whatever is going on with the Moon has a much bigger affect on Earthy affairs than the more remote Planets, with the exception of the Sun, whose massive size and gravity, and radiation of energy, make it the most powerful Celestial Ruler. Moon's influence is a gentling of the harsher elements of space: without the Moon, we would not have regular seasons, a stable North and South Pole, and therefor tectonic plate movements and geothermal activity would probably be too violent to support life on Earth, and meteors of devastating size would pelt the Earth mercilessly. Is that enough reason to dance under the Full Moon? We owe a lot to our beloved Luna!

Just as any sort of magick can be divided into either of the four Elements, or into the powers of the seven Planets, so can all sorts of magicks be given to the rulership of the phases of the Moon. The New Moon brings any magick of freshness, beginning and newness, the Waxing Moon is for building on our projects, the Full Moon is the highest power and potency for magicks of fullness and achievement, the Waning Moon aids and magick of minimizing, reduction, making things go away, release. The Dark Moon is the mystery, a time for introspective work, or alternatively, any magick that is secretive or woeful in nature. Banishings and exorcisms also benefit from the Dark Face of Luna.