Voudou and Hoodoo Magick

are a rich and powerful set of traditions that have mingled with Western Occult traditions especially in the Southern US. Strictly speaking, Voudou, Louisiana Voodoo or Haitian Vodun are distinct from Hoodoo, which is also called Conjure or simply Rootwork. Hoodoo is more syncretized with Christian faiths, and is primarily a tradition of magick and spellwork. Voudou is an organized religious system in a family of African diaspora religions which are practiced primarily in Western African countries and the Western Hemisphere. 

In the American South, and in New Orleans in particular, these religious traditions brought directly from West Africa and indirectly from Caribbean nations, especially Haiti, blended with Christian faiths and practices of French occultists and Native American spirituality into a rich gumbo of spirituality and magick. The African style of conjure magick must have seemed very logical and familiar to kitchen witch style spellworkers from or descended from ancestors from Western Europe, and subsequently many Hoodoo and Voodoo ingredients and formulas became next to indispensable in the Natural Magickian's herb closet.