Money, Employment and Prosperity

MONEY, EMPLOYMENT AND PROSPERITY MAGICK together are a very large body of magick and material! It might be that the first magick property attributed to a plant was prosperity, because what else could the successful harvest of barley be? Working with the soil, with the seed that gives the bountiful crop, building our cities and granaries from the ground up could all be seen as a worshipful reverence for the Earth, and acknowledgement of our complete dependence on Her. 


Any Prosperity magick potion or working will begin with an Earth Elemental basis. The gas giant Planet Jupiter, with its color like a gold coin, is the lead Planet, especially for matters involving growth and expansion. Water is also used, as we speak of  "cash flow." Fire has it's place in Money magick, since there are aspects of power in wealth, and the lovely Planet Venus is a secondary Planet for profit, especially in job and employment formulations, which combine prosperity ingredients with ones for seduction. Venus and Jupiter are both in agreement about The Finer Things and The Good Life!