Spell for Money

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NOTE: The spell kits are now being packaged in ornamental wooden cigar boxes, not these round brie boxes. Photos will be updated soon. They have all the same components.

Money spells are so widely varied, there are hundreds out there. This is a very simple three-day Money spell that uses a sampling of my Money and Prosperity potions. These sorts of spells are for when you just need some quick cash now. I have often heard people say they were amazed at the results, but don't expect the money to stay around after the initial need is satisfied. This is I believe simply the nature of these kinds of spells. They improve cash "flow" but not necessarily cash "stay"! We will be working on that magick in the future!

Best performed during the waxing moon for three consecutive days beginning with a Thursday or Sunday.

This spell kit includes:

Money bath herbs

four green candles

one brown candle

Money oil


Prosperity incense and charcoals

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