Protection Magick

PROTECTION MAGICK, judging by the index of Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs (as I do on regular occasion), shows Protection to be THE biggest magickal concern by the sheer number of plants that have been wielded to defend Self, children, kin, home, property, beasts, crops, and the wide open landscape.

Where once we sought protection from beasts and the crueler aspects of Nature, we now more often seek protection from other humans, from the ravages of war and from the criminal element of our civilized lives. Ingredients of many protection potions will mostly draw from the Elemental power of Fire and Earth, and from the Sun and Mars Planetary power. Many will have a strong, pungent scent and tend to activate the mind and awareness of our surroundings.

Short List: Dragons Blood oil, Protection oil, Protection incense, Dragons Blood resin, Protection bath herbs, Protection mojo kit, Protection candles, Aura Doctor room spray, St. Michael oil, Archangel Michael oil, Bear oil, Wolf oil.