Faery Magick

FAERY MAGICK can be used to work most sorts of magickal intentions. So it is really not a separate category of intention, but a type of magick, that which is aided by our alliance with Faery beings and the Realm of the Fey. To the degree that we are separated from Nature and Earth, the main goal Faery magick practitioners will often be aimed at healing these disconnections, moving the practitioner (and Human culture) closer to Nature, and therefore closer to alliance with Nature Spirits. This is is often called the ReGreening, and is seen as the goal unto itself, however, the Magician who is blessed by the Fey may also be granted special abilities. Healing, music, prophesy, shapeshifting, and gardening are some typical examples. Faery magick is usually devotional in its application and shamanic in its experience.