Mexican Buckeye seeds

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Here is a set of ritually Wildcrafted Mexican Buckeyes, Ungnadia speciosa.

These lovely seeds are seen as being an extra eye out for your well-being. I ritually harvest them from local trees. Carry one to avert the “Evil Eye” or wrap one with a dollar bill (or, ideally a two dollar bill, always folding the bill *toward* you), anoint with money oil, and carry in your pocket as a charm to draw money.

The usual Buckeye curio sold in the metaphysical market is the seed of a similarly shaped small tree from a different family, Aesculus ohioensis. Mine are a Texas/Mexico native understory tree called Mexican Buckeye, Ungnadia speciosa. I find them to have exactly the same magical properties, however, my Mexican buckeye seeds are smaller (so better for mojo bags) and much shinier, eye-like and all-around more attractive. You could try planting them to grow more of your own. They like light shade and don’t mind slopes or shallow soils. The seed pods are also interesting, hanging down and holding three seeds apiece. I also string them to make necklaces.

I believe they are also just lucky in general, and I often carry them when I go hiking to use as offerings to the nature spirits and faeries, since they seem to like growing in the sort of dappled shade woods favorable to the Fair Folk.

The below correspondences are vis Cunningham, Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs in plain text, C.L. Zalewski, Herbs in Magic and Alchemy in brackets, or my own interpretations in parenthesis.

Gender: (Masculine)

Element: (Air? Earth?)

Planet: (Jupiter)

Zodiac: (Sagittarius? Capricorn?)