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Seven oil has ingredients, made on the seventh day in the seventh hour, and is made seven bottles at a time. Seven has the magic of the number and a wild green smell.

What do you use 7 oil for? As a founding member of the Cult of the Faery Star, I use it to anoint the seven-pointed star tattooed on my back. I use it as a personal perfume for when I want to be a shadowy creature walking the edge between the Worlds. It has a fresh, green woodsy fragrance, so it is good for any outdoor magick involving trees and nature spirits. It has many resonances with Luck, and any being with seven extremities would consider it worthy barter material or ritual offering. Seven is also the number of the Sephiroth Netzach on the Tree of Life. It corresponds to the planet Venus, so 7 oil could be used for Venusian influences like harmony, beauty, and victory. And of course the number seven is also considered an excellent choice for Luck magick.

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These magick oils are also called ritual oils, anointing oils or condition oils. They can be used to anoint a person, candle, mojo bag, lucky coins, jewelry, amulets, statues, prayer or spell scrolls, or anything that has a connection with the purpose of the oil or the "condition" it is made to address. Use them according to your inspiration, imagination, the instructions in a book, your Spirit Guide, teacher or Angel's recommendations, or how your Grandma taught you.