Lodestone pair

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Lodestones are natural magnetic rocks which are used for attracting thing to yourself, and for maintaining connection. You can use a lodestone to attract love, customers, luck, money, job, etc. - just anoint it with the magick oil corresponding to your intention.

Lodestones are often used in pairs and I have packaged them in matched pairs, meaning they were attached to each other as I poured them out of the bag to pack them. They are mostly pretty small, 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick . These are used for either romantic attraction, or to maintain a non-romantic link, as in a child and noncustodial parent, or to keep connected to a loved one who must serve overseas. You don't have to use the pair - you can just use one, and give away the other, or use them for different purposes.

Lodestones are often "fed" Lodestone Food or magnetic sand to add to the spell and maintain the magnetism of the stones.