Full Moon Brew

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Full Moon Brew is a tea version of the Full Moon bath. Bright, mellow, relaxing, emotionally harmonizing, this tea is compounded of Moon-ruled herbs on the Full Moon. Even if you have no other ritual planned for the Full Moon, you can at least enjoy a cup of ritual brew for the occasion! 

Enjoy Full Moon as a hot tea, or if the season is warm, you can try it blended it with a sweet white wine or with white grape juice in a chilled beverage. By itself, Full Moon is very mild in flavor, though very full in texture. The Marshmallow Root is thick and soothing, while the Hops Flowers are musky, bright and relaxing. Lemon Peel gives it just a hint of tangy. Visually, the blend of herbs in Full Moon Brew is light colored and silvery like the Moon. 

Full Moon Brew also uses the magick of numbers. The Alchemical number for the Moon is nine, and so there are nine Moon-ruled herbs to suit this blend. 
Instructions for preparing this brew are on the package label.