White Amber perfume oil

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White Amber is my most popular perfume oil, hands down. It is very light and airy for an Amber, and some girls just go nuts over this stuff. They must have it or they feel naked. I don't know what to say, it is a high quality synthetic from a family perfumery in India. There are many products out on the market that include this family's White Amber as an ingredient, from many high dollar commercial perfumes to "unscented" laundry products!

White Amber does changes slightly in fragrance from year to year because it does contain real essential oils, I am told by the manufacturers. In my opinion, the fragrance has "wandered" from when I became a fan of it in the 80's. It is my guess that the commercial extinction of East Indian Sandalwood essential oil might be the reason for the change. If this is the case, the manufacturer has done a good job keeping it recognizable. I still like it a lot.

White Amber also mixes well with other perfumes, if you like to blend your own signature fragrances. Very few straight men wear this oil, but alone or blended, it is a woman's or gay man's favorite.