The ritual knife or Athame is a one of the most important magickal tools in Wicca and many Celtic and Western Tradition religions and magickal practices. They are used primarily for directing energy, "cutting" out the magickal circle, and performing the symbolic Great Rite. While many Athames are made of steel, the knapped stone and glass blades of Red Raven Crafts are much preferred by those who work with Faery beings, who are traditionally said to abhor ferrous material. Regardless of one's relations with the Fey, however, Red Raven ritual knives are among the finest magical tools any practitioner could employ to their Great Work.

*Special note* There is a tabu against giving knives to other people...unless the intention is to sever the relationship, for example when a High Priestess gives a knife to one of her coven members who is leaving the coven to form another group. Otherwise, the workaround is to demand that the recipient pay some nominal sum (a nickel is traditional) so that the knife would not be a gift.