Healing Bath Herbs

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Healing Bath is a general-purpose blend for what ails you, mind, body or soul. It is soothing, energizing and uplifting. Some of the herbs included are used in herbal medicine for specific ailments for their anti-microbial properties, but these same herbs are used magikcally for their broad-spectrum healing properties.

Healing Bath Herbs are formulated on the Monday or Wednesday immediately following the New Moon.

The herbs come in a cello bag with two cups per bag of beautiful fragrant herbs, Each package contains enough herbs for two or three baths.

To prepare, boil at least a quart of water. Fill the reusable muslin bag (included) about half full with herbs. Turn off the heat of the pot and throw in the bag of herbs. Cover, and allow to steep for a good 15 minutes, while you draw the bath water. Add the tea to your bath, and use the muslin bag of herbs as a washcloth. This is an ancient technique for ritual bathing that fills your bath with both the essential oils and water-soluble compounds of the herbs. You can make a bath that is hot or cool this way. Especially recommended for sensitive skin."