Dream oil

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Dream oil is made of essential oils to stimulate dreaming, bring about psychic dreaming and to aid with recall of dreams. Anoint your temples and crown to open your subconscious to exploration and reinvention. Focus herb: Mugwort

Dream oil is made with a combination of Lunar and Solar influences, to bring the light into the nighttime of your dreams. Mugwort is one of the primary dream-inducing herbs which is also used to promote psychic powers, and so I use it both as an essential oil and as the focus herb in this potion. I harvest my home-grown Mugwort on the Monday immediately before the Full Moon. The dreamy blue color is from true Blue Tansy essential oil, which I use to code for nighttime/space/sleep aspects in my formulations.

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These magick oils are also called ritual oils, anointing oils or condition oils. They can be used to anoint a person, candle, mojo bag, lucky coins, jewelry, amulets, statues, prayer or spell scrolls, or anything that has a connection with the purpose of the oil or the "condition" it is made to address. Use them according to your inspiration, imagination, the instructions in a book, your Spirit Guide, teacher or Angel's recommendations, or how your Grandma taught you.