Witches Visions Brew

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Witches' Visions Brew is made from all the less toxic vision herbs, including real homegrown ritually harvested Dittany of Crete. Galangal and a good bit of Mugwort are also included for a dreamy, imaginative blend. It is formulated ritually on either the Wednesday or Monday immediately preceding the Full Moon. 

The best way to extract the active ingredients of this brew is to begin steeping it, one ounce per one pint of vodka, on the New Moon. Decant (strain out the herbs) on the Full Moon. This is going to be a very strong, very spicy inebriant brew and will not taste good by itself, so enjoy it either hot or cold in a mixer of apple cider. Apples of course have their own very special magickal properties for Witches! 

For a nonalcoholic version, refer to my guideline, Perfect Cuppa Brew, and use either the hot/cold infusion technique or cold/hot decoction technique. In either case you will still want to use apple juice or cider for a mixer to balance the magick and the flavors.