Psychic Phenomenon Dream Pillow

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Discontinued product, so sorry.

 My Natural Magick ingredient for Psychic Phenomenon Dream Pillow comes from a lovely tree, Acacia farnesiana, called "Huisache" (WEE-sach as gringos pronounce it) in Tejas, but the French call it Cassie and grow it extensively for the perfumery industry. I gather the honey-scented flowers during their brief bloom period for this dream blend.

Of course it has Mugwort in it too, to enhance psychic dreaming. It usually takes about three nights to a week of sleeping with this little pillow (in or under your pillow case) for the effects to begin. After that, some people may eventually find that it is too strong and they dream too much. I keep mine a little bit further from my bed to moderate the effect.

The patterns of the pillowcases for my dream pillows will change according to the whim of my seamstress and what is available in the fabric stores that she haunts.

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