Wizard Vision Smoking Blend

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Wizard Vision is a hypnotic smoking blend for hand-rolled smokes or pipe. This blend is mellow on the lungs and inviting to spirit guides and for visions. You can also use it before scrying or beginning any trance sort of divination. Also great as a just-for-fun party smoke!

You can use Wizard Vision in a ritual setting, but it also lends itself to pure recreational enjoyment, so take it to parties and outdoor celebrations, music festivals and the like. If you have friends who smoke, but you don't, this is a way to enjoy the smokers' company without worrying about an upcoming UA test or getting addicted (or re-addicted) to nicotine. 

For this blend I have combined herbs reputed to increase psychic powers, bring prophetic dreams, attract spirits and guides, and stimulate imaginative thoughts. It contains the dreamy soporific, Wild Lettuce (wild harvested if I can get it!) so it is relaxing, and Damiana, so it is also stimulating. I grow my own Dittany of Crete, which is often burned to attract spirits, and it just so happens that it adds a nice oregano pungency to this otherwise very mellow smoke. This combination of relaxing and stimulating is ideal for visioning work, astral travel, astral temple work, and imaginative mental play, shapeshifting, etc., if you use it in a solitary or ritual setting. If you use it recreationally in a social or party setting, you will find it is not socially debilitating, and you will be able to enjoy conversation, dancing, and interaction and still be able to drive home sober. I've had people tell me they use this blend to cut their other smoking goods, and also some customers use it before bed time to prepare for dream work. 

This recipe was the result of a project of one of my Potions Primer classes, and I especially want to thank my sometimes student/sometimes teacher, Betsy, for collaborating and inspiring the Wizard Vision recipe. 

My current batches of Wizard Vision contain a number of high quality herbs that I grow, ritually harvest, dry and process myself, including Mullein, Wormwood, and Dittany of Crete.