Witch Power Bath Herbs

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Witch Power Bath is a very potent and spicy blend perfect for ritual bathing before magic workings. Galanga root and Rosemary are included for both psychic power and magical protection.

I potion this bath on or immediately before the Full Moon, on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday. Each of these days are ruled by planets favorable to Magick, and the Full Moon lends its power to the blend. I have had other witches tell me that they use this bath as a simmering incense to fill their homes with its magickal aroma.

The herbs come in a cello bag with two cups per bag of beautiful fragrant herbs, Each package contains enough herbs for two or three baths.

To prepare, boil at least a quart of water. Fill the reusable muslin bag (included) about half full with herbs. Turn off the heat of the pot and throw in the bag of herbs. Cover, and allow to steep for a good 15 minutes, while you draw the bath water. Add the tea to your bath, and use the muslin bag of herbs as a washcloth. This is an ancient technique for ritual bathing that fills your bath with both the essential oils and water-soluble compounds of the herbs. You can make a bath that is hot or cool this way. Especially recommended for sensitive skin.

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