Musk, Egyptian Musk

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Egyptian Musk is a standard Musk for both sexes. It is passionate and luscious, and worn alone it can be very assertive. People will know you are on the prowl!. To me, it is way too much by itself. I use Egyptian Musk in small amounts in blends, unless I really want to get my Groupie on!

I discontinued Egyptian Musk for awhile, when the formula wandered far away from it's original scent. I searched many suppliers, and finally I found this one, which really does smell like the old 1970's Egyptian Musk! Seriously, I'll be humming Fleetwood Mac tunes when I smell this one!

Egyptian Musk mixes well with just about every other essential oil or fragrance imaginable, and is an excellent fixative to hold down high note florals and join them with weightier fragrances.