Spell to Find Love

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NOTE: The spell kits are now being packaged in ornamental wooden cigar boxes, not these round brie boxes. Photos will be updated soon. They have all the same components.

It is said that Love is the most difficult, and most powerful of all magicks. It does after all involve the agreement between two people. This very sweet and simple spell opens you up for romantic love, and announces your availability for a relationship to the Universe.

There are many, many love spells that have you target a specific person to make them fall in love with you. Having dealt with the unintended consequences of this act of non-consensual magick with many of my customers, (and having been the target of one myself!), I highly recommend against this approach! It is considered a violation of the target's free will, and is in fact a form of slavery, and not true love at all. The most often result of manipulative spells like this that I have seen is that the target does fall in love with the spellcaster, but then the spellcaster subsequently finds that they don't want their target anymore! It is best to simply open yourself up to a love with the best partner for you and then choose from among your suitors!

Best performed during the waxing moon on a Friday, or on the Full Moon.

This spell kit includes:
Love bath herbs
one white mini candle
two pink mini candles
Find Love oil
pink sachet cloth and green cord

Not included:
nice glass, ceramic, or wooden bowl, preferably pink, white, or red