Magick Wands

My handmade magic wands are made with the utmost care and exacting protocol.

The branches are respectfully harvested with permission from local trees. Wood is gathered only on the first Wednesday of the New Moon during the active growth season, and the wands are crafted only on Wednesdays during the Waxing Moon.

These are precision instruments and should be treated with care. There is no glue used and the stones are held tight to the wood by dynamic tension of the wire. If you drop your wand and it lands on the top stone, you could bend it loose.

It is okay to get your wand wet, and to polish the silver with polishing cloth, but anointing oils would stain the wood, and salt would tarnish the silver or copper wire. If you are used to consecrating your wands with an oil, I recommend using a tea of lavender, vervain, or a combo of the two herbs, or the smoke of Blessing incense.

Wands are one-of-a-kind items and you are ordering the exact wand pictured. As soon as you claim it, I mark it as sold If you fancy a wand that has already sold, you can request that I build a similar one.

For more on wand making, read my article,The Making of Magick Wands.

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