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This natural Benzoin resin is in big chunks. It is clear and pungent by itself, with a nice balsam and mild vanilla notes. It blends very well with other herbs and resins, harmonizing otherwise disparate ingredients.

There are several kinds of Benzoin on the market, and this is Benzoin of Sumatra, Styrax benzoin, which is mild and pleasing in scent. Try it and you will see why it is a major ingredient in many church incenses. Although it makes a lot of visual smoke, the smoke is very light and inoffensive. Benzoin is used magickally for mild purification, blessing, and prosperity.

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The below correspondences are vis Cunningham, Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs in plain text, C.L. Zalewski, Herbs in Magic and Alchemy in brackets, and my own interpretations in parenthesis.

Gender: Masculine (Masculine)

Element: Air (Air) [Fire of Earth]

Planet: Sun (Sun, Mercury) [Sun, Venus]

Zodiac: (Gemini, Libra) [Capricorn]