Major Mojo Kit

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Major Mojo Kit contains seven botanical samples traditionally used as all-purpose mojo for luck, protection, shielding, personal power, wealth, and magick 100% cotton black flannel and gold cord.

To make your mojo, you are invited to handle and smell, then crumble each herb into the center of the square cloth, focusing on your intention, or saying your chants or prayers if you desire. You can use all of the herbs, or a smaller amount of each, to make a smaller mojo, as suits your need. Then you catch up the herbs in the cloth, and tie them up tightly into a little bundle, knotting the colored cord the appropriate number of times. Feel free to trim the fabric and the cord to the dimensions you like.

For Major Magick Mojo Kit, it is recommended to knot 7 times either silently and solemnly, or with a chant or poem you make up yourself. Best done on a Thursday or Sunday in the Waxing Moon, but when your need is great, don’t hesitate.

Major Mojo was the first Mojo I started making more than 13 years ago. While most mojo bags are good for six months to a year, I have found Major Mojos that were a decade old, packed into a box of other magical goods. Everything in the box was free of silverfish and the other tarnishes of neglect and abandon, so now Major Mojo is my choice for protecting the magickal integrity of tools and crystals, etc., which must be packed for long term storage.

While mojo bags can contain just about anything, Natural Magick Shop concentrates on the herbal components. I choose the highest quality, most visually appealing, often home grown and ritually harvested herbs from my gardens and from the wild. You will find Lavender that I ritually harvest each Spring and dry in hanging bundles in my magick laboratory. Whole Bay leaves that I collect from a neighbor’s trees and press in a book on the page about Bay Laurel. I smell each Juniper tree’s foliage on my rambling hikes and choose the tree that produces the most piney-fragrant leaves.

In particular, Major Mojo Kit includes ritually harvested Vervain, High John the Conqueror root and other high quality good smelling herbs. The ingredients might change according to the seasons, but they will always be in the correct magick number, prepared on the correct day of the week, and presented in beautiful packaging.

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