Alchemical Gold oil

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Alchemical Gold is a combination of real Gold flakes in our planetary Sun essential oil blend. Focus: Real gold flakes

This oil would be used for Prosperity and Wealth magicks, anointed on a gold or green candle for such purposes, or to aid in the transformation of a drab or dull situation into something more exalted and shiny. Or perhaps you need to "stay gold," e.g., true to yourself or your Higher Self.

These magick oils are also called ritual oils, anointing oils or condition oils. They can be used to anoint a person, candle, mojo bag, lucky coins, jewelry, amulets, statues, prayer or spell scrolls, or anything that has a connection with the purpose of the oil or the "condition" it is made to address. Use them according to your inspiration, imagination, the instructions in a book, your Spirit Guide, teacher or Angel's recommendations, or how your Grandma taught you.