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WitchCraft candles are made on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday or Friday of the Full Moon. Burn just one, or one each night for a three day spell, burn all of them all at once for extra Witchy purposes and to enhance visualization, psychic awareness, magickal energy, and for protection during workings.

WitchCraft candles incorporate the same essential oil blend that goes into the WitchCraft magick oil, so they would be compatible to use together for your endeavors.

Natural Magick Shop candles are ritually crafted of beeswax sheets, for a renewable-resource nature-friendly burn. They are infused with 100% natural essential oils and absolutes appropriate to the intention.

All candles are made on the correct day of the week for Planetary influences and phase of the Moon for Lunar powers. Feel free to burn just one and save the rest for later, or burn one each night for a three day working, or burn all of them all at once or one after another for a prolonged Astral Journey, or share with friends according to your Will.

These magick candles come three to a package, are four inches tall, and fit most standard taper holders for 3/4 - 7/8 diameter taper or household candles. But they do tend to drip (unless you fridge or freeze them, which I don't usually have the time for) so I like to burn them and all my candles on the dishes I use for candle magick, little sushi dishes work great. I also have a large black granite tile, and a beveled mirror for candle magick, where I can let them drip and puddle as they will.

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