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In spite of our understanding of Buddhism as a spiritual pursuit of meditation and simplicity, the figure of Buddha is quite complex, with history and folklore derived from and contributing to many religious traditions. In some traditions transcendent, in others sensual, this oil attempts to communicate his peaceful state of Nirvana.

Buddha is a deified historical human who was born in India or Nepal around 560 B.C. to Queen Maya and King Suddhohana. Originally named Siddhartha, he married and had a son into the royal family. But palace life was not the spiritual path he sought, and for sevens years he adopted an ascetic life as a monk. Then, meditating under the Bodhi tree, he experienced an enlightenment and became the Buddha. He then began to preach a balance between indulgence and denial of the senses. For the rest of hi life he taught this Middle Path, becoming one of the most influential and beloved spiritual leaders of all times. Hindus regard him to be an avatar of Vishnu.

My Natural Magick devotional Buddha oil contains essential oil of Buddhawood, and is a very relaxed and mild scent.

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Natural Magick deity oils are made with reverence and research to be pleasing devotional blends for the gods and goddesses they are named for. I research legend and lore, and try to use oils of plants that grew in the lands where the deity originated or rules. The Natural Magick process of using planetary and elemental influences, correspondence, and high quality ingredients is especially appropriate for honoring the gods and bringing their qualities into our lives.

Anoint yourself to attune to these deities, or pour into offering bowls or aromatherapy lamps, or anoint statues or fetish objects. I love to give them to priests or priestesses who run open circles or invoke our patron gods and goddesses.

These oils are in beautiful round 1/2 ounce bottles, blended in 100% jojoba oil, so with any care they should last a very long time. They are priced according to the ingredients requested by the gods.