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Hestia is the ancient Greek goddess of the hearth. Although less known today, she was one of the most universally honored goddesses of the Greeks of classical times. Not only was she represented at the hearth of most homes, but she had a public hearth in the center of most cities, as it was recognized that the hearth fire is the most basic civilizing factor in urban life.

My dear friend and witchy sister Edana was my inspiration and Muse for this formula. Between the two of us we were able to research and divine a larger nature of Hestia than could be merely Wikipedia'd! Being childless and (as yet) never married women ourselves, Hestia warmed up to us pretty quickly. We now understood her as a Fire Goddess, more powerful than the "mousey younger sister who has to stay single to take care of the aging parents" image we had earlier held.

While it is Prometheus who steals fire from Olympus and gives it to humans, it is Hestia who tames the fire and brings it into domestication. She then also becomes an inventor of all technologies for managing fire, and an innovator of all sciences that are advanced by fire, from cooking to chemistry to ceramics and on.

As a fire becomes a gathering point for humans seeking warmth, Hestia is also the unifying force which brings civic leaders together in the city to develop policies of governance. She can then be seen as the facilitator of discussion, deliberation, and diplomacy. Arguments may flare up, but Hestia tames the fires.

Hestia oil has spicy, fiery ingredients, and also very tame and domestic ones. It is very comforting and a little bit sweet."