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Jezebel is a controversial figure from Biblical times. Married to Ahab, king of northern Israel, she brought Phoenician culture, wealth and Pagan worship to the Holy Land, particularly the worship of Ba'al. This brought her into conflict with orthodox worshipers of Yahweh, her main foe being the prophet Elijah. Jezebel, as the story goes, was assassinated after Ahab's death, by defenestration, e.g., her killers threw her out the window of the palace where she had ruled with Ahab. Determined to go out like a Queen, she put on her best makeup and dressed to the nines in preparation for the inevitable execution.

After having a vision of Jezebel's demise, I researched her story more. I had previously assumed that this tale was a Biblical allegory, e.g. a myth not meant to be taken literally. However, as it turns out, Jezebel and her hubby Ahab were actual historical figures, written about by other non-Biblical sources. As the daughter of Ethebaal, king of Phoenicia, her marriage to Ahab created a dynasty, whereby the Phoenicians would have access to the wine, grape and pasture economies of the Israelites, and the landlocked state of Israel gained access to global seafaring trades and the agricultural produce of the lowlands.

Unfortunately the political and economic advantages of the Jezebel/Ahab alliance were outweighed, in the minds of the orthodox Israelites, by the advance of Phoenician polytheism, and their relatively liberated status afforded to women. The cosmopolitan culture of the Phoenicians probably also seemed threatening and dangerously hedonistic to the provincial communities of the inland state. It was a shaky alliance that could only be legitimized by the rule of Ahab, and as soon as he died, it came to an end.

In my vision, I saw Jezebel dressing and painting her makeup on, and she went upstairs to her and Ahab's bedroom, and sat in the window overlooking the road leading up to their palace. There she waited for Elijah and his lynch mob, but she was not thrown out of the window. She jumped, just as they arrived. She would not give her assassins the power they would gain from killing her in Yahweh's name. And she jumped so that she would land on her back, so as not to mar her beautiful face.

Jezebel oil by Natural Magick Shop was originally invented as one of the Sticky Fingers Fashion Fragrances for the Rock & Roll Lifestyle (TM) line of spray perfumes. It is dedicated both to Reverend Horton Heat (for his song, Jezebel) and to Jezebel herself. Since it was created for this line, it does have synthetic fragrances in it, as well as true essential oils, including a generous proportion of real Jasmine absolute. It is lush, exotic, licentious and feminine, and I have no doubt it is very pleasing to Jezebel, the sort of thing she would have loved to wear. Jezebel is also dedicated to my dear friend and witchie collaborator and soon to be famous film maker, Noelani Mei Lee, who inspired the vision.

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