Nicnevin oil

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Neptune is the Roman counterpart (though not identical) of the Greek Poseidon; they are both rulers of the oceans and all marine life. Neptune, however, also governs fresh waters. This oil pays tribute to his oceanic wisdom and mystery.
" Nicnevin is a Scottish/Gaelic Queene of Elfame, a Faerie Queene. Because she is associated with night Rades on Samhaine (Halloween), she is identified with the Unseelie Court of Faeries, the wild, untamed "bad" Faeries.

Nicnevin oil was inspired by my girlfriend and provocateur, Jasmine, who introduced me to Nicnevin and asked for a devotional oil. At first I was skeptical, because I had never heard of this Lady, and thought myself a Faery expert. Then discovering a sister witch's account on Nicnevin I slouched corrected!

Nicnevin enjoys the air, the night, and a good ride full of mischief and adventure, leading her troupes across the sky especially on Halloween. In modern terms she really is the punk rock or goth goddess of the Fae.

Nicnevin oil by Natural Magick Shop is dark and spooky, with Wormwood (aka Absinthe) essential oil and trees that put you into a deep and wild forest. But she also love Roses, and there is whole lotta real Rose absolute to appease her in this scent."