Orpheus oil

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Norse patron god, creator of the runes, Odin hung himself upside down from the World Tree and blinded himself in one eye to be able to see both within as well as without. By such sacrifice and repose he gained the wisdom of the runes.
" Orpheus oil is dedicated to my friend and long-term customer, Phil Freeman, who convinced me to create this oil. Orpheus is what you might call a semi-divine figure of Greek history, perhaps a deified ancestor. Poet, lyricist, musician, singer, he inspires every musician and performer.

The creation of Orpheus oil was no toss-off endeavor! First I researched the plants and flowers associated with him, one herb in particular set off all my bells, Basil Thyme, also known as Calamint, Calamintha nepeta. It was an herb I had grown years before, and I remembered the smell fondly; it was easy to see how it could be inspiring to a musician/songwriter. Only trouble, no essential oil manufacturers could be found. So all I could do was order some plants, grow them out in my garden, harvest them and make a scented base oil, called an enfleurage. It turned out to be well worth the effort. The base oil readily accepted the delicate herbal fragrance and was a delightful green to boot!

One of the other herbs associated with Orpheus is the Violet. It is said that whenever he laid down his lute, Violets would grow underneath to cushion the instrument. Violet leaf absolute is included in the formula, as well as rare Orris root butter, which smells much like Violet flowers.

Natural Magick deity oils are made with reverence and research to be pleasing devotional blends for the gods and goddesses they are named for. I research legend and lore, and try to use oils of plants that grew in the lands where the deity originated or rules. The Natural Magick process of using planetary and elemental influences, correspondence, and high quality ingredients is especially appropriate for honoring the gods and bringing their qualities into our lives.

Anoint yourself to attune to these deities, or pour into offering bowls or aromatherapy lamps, or anoint statues or fetish objects. I love to give them to priests or priestesses who run open circles or invoke our patron gods and goddesses.

These oils are in beautiful round 1/2 ounce bottles, blended in 100% jojoba oil, so with any care they should last a very long time. They are priced according to the ingredients requested by the gods.