Santa Claus oil

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Santa Claus! Sometimes you just have to step back for perspective, and take a look at a mythological figure, and you realize that what you really have is a god! Santa Claus is just this sort of person. Able to bend time and space to deliver Christmas presents to children all around the world, able to know who is naughty and who is nice, an owner of at least a half dozen names, Kris Kringle, St Nick, Father Christmas, the Jolly Olde Elf, and etc, there can be no doubt that Santa Clause is a modern day deity with a lot of belief to back him, which makes him a very powerful god indeed. HO HO HO!!!

Santa Claus oil is based on my Yule oil, of course. It is one of the few deity oils that contains a synthetic ingredient: bayberry oil. I think when you smell it you will understand the judicious use of a man-made fragrance though! Also included is real cocoa absolute, since Santa Claus is very attracted to chocolate chip cookies. Wear Santa Claus to bring holiday cheer to your Yuletime celebrations, to attract Santa and his big bag of gifts, and to enhance your own powers of giving, especially if you might be playing (aspecting) Santa Claus for anyone in your family or community. This scent also works very well in an aromatherapy diffuser.