Dragon's Blood Ink

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Finally! Natural Magick Shop, in collaboration with Rose's Apothecary has created REAL Dragon's Blood ink! Ritually crafted on Tuesday in the Waxing Moon during the hour of Mars, under the exacting Natural Magick Shop process. Rose succeeded where I did not by finding the right type of Dragon's Blood.

Dragon's Blood Ink is traditionally used for written spells of power, protection, success, and prosperity. Most Dragon's Blood Inks on the occult market are simply commercial red artists' dip-pen inks repackaged and rebranded with a witchy label. Some might just add a chunk of DB resin to the bottles. Ours is The Real Thing, made from the rare and pricey Medieval Dragon's Blood resin, which comes from a tree unrelated to the Dragon's Blood Palm tree of Indochina which is used for incense making. Both are quite rare, endangered natural resources, but in the ink form you can frugally use a very small amount of the real thing for good effect. Compared to burning Dragon's Blood as an incense, the ink uses so much less of a rare product.

Rose Red Dragon's Blood Ink is also scented with the same essential oil blend that evokes the fragrance of Dragon's Blood resin incense. So when you have written your spell out in the ink, it will smell like Natural Magick Dragon's Blood Oil!

You will need a dip pen...we recommend one with a rounded nib for smoother writing, sometimes called a manuscript pen. In the photo below, I used a very fine tip dip pen, which is not ideal, unless you are using very fancy vellum paper.

I am so proud of my student Rose!!!