Bogey Bye-Bye Pillow

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Try Bogey Bye-Bye pillow especially if you are troubled by nightmares. This is another "dream pillow" which actually helps minimize dreaming. This pillow is most often used for children who have periods of bad dreams.

Aside from Lavender flowers, which help close the third eye, this pillow contains other herbs and seeds traditionally used to quell nightmares. Additionally it has a Citrine stone in it, since Citrine clears negative and harmful vibrations from a vicinity. In some cases nightmares are attributed to malevolent entities, other times to life traumas, but in many cases I believe they are simply "bad habits" or a negative feedback loop of sleep patterns. Whatever your case, it is the intention of this pillow to end these habits and or drive away the Bogeyman!

The patterns of the pillowcases for my dream pillows will change according to the whim of my seamstress and what is available in the fabric stores that she haunts.

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