Spearmint essential oil

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This Spearmint is from Oregon and is light, very minty fresh, and a bit more complicated than some of the overly-distilled Spearmints. It is a high-quality mid-grade product, and blends well with many other essential oils. Spearmint is especially good in healing formulas. It is also a workhorse for money spells. They call the place where money is made a "mint" for very good reasons! Because it is powerfully corresponded to the planet Venus and the element of Water, Spearmint is also very useful in love potions.

Spearmint is Mentha spicata and is the "original" mint. So when you find a recipe that calls for just "Mint" use Spearmint. Spearmint, like other mints as well, is also used to sharpen mental faculties. It is gentle enough to use in night time formulas, and the herb is often included in dream pillows.

Gender: Feminine (Feminine)

Element: Water [Air](Earth)

Planet: Venus [Mercury](Venus)

Zodiac: [Gemini](Libra)