Gibeon Meteorite pendulum - Orionid meteor showers

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Rare, hand crafted, sterling wire wrap pendulum made out of Gibeon meterorite, during the Oionids meteor showers. It measures 6 inches long w/ the focal meteorite being about 15mm. Made on Monday, October 23rd, 2023 during the Orionid meteor shower (which were active from October 2nd - November 7th that year).

All Natural Magick Co-op pendulums are ritually crafted on a Monday or Wednesday when the Moon is Half Full. In this case the stellar/universal properties are also enhancd by the incoming meteorite showers from the Orionids.

Gibeon is a meteorite that fell in prehistoric times in Namibia. It was named after the nearest town: Gibeon. It exploded upon entering Earth's atmosphere, landing in the desert of Namibia, Africa in scattered pieces over an area 171 miles long and 62 miles wide. The Namibian government banned the export of Gibeon Meteorite, as any newly discovered pieces are automatically protected as national monuments. This sample was imported legally to the US before the ban.