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Mabon is the recent pagan appellation for the Autumnal Equinox, usually September 21st or 22nd. The essential oil blend in these candles honors the elder Celtic king, Mabon, and includes fragrances of herbs and resins suitable for offeratory purposes and for any celebration of this time of year. Mabon oil smells like Autumn, with Oaks and mosses, and a hint of apple.

Mabon candles are made on Saturdays in the Waxing Moon. Burn just one, or one each night for a three day working, share with friends or burn all of them all at once or sequentially according to your Will, for any ritual or observance of Mabon or the Autumnal Equinox, the Fall harvest holiday. They are labeled "Mabon Candles" on the package, but if you'd like me to label them "Fall Equinox Candles," I'd be happy to do so, just write me a not with your order.

Mabon candles incorporate the same essential oil blend that goes into the Mabon magick oil, so they would be compatible to use together for your observances.

Since Mabon is the time when day and night are equal, Mabon oil could be used not only for this holiday, but for any time that balance or clear and fair judgment is needed.

Mabon is an Elder King, so I use this holiday and this oil to honor the wisdom and contributions of our living mature and elder community leaders.

The main legend of Mabon leaves one wondering why the name of this god was chosen, evidently in recent times, to this holiday and time of year. Mabon, son of the goddess Modrone, was kidnapped when he was only three days old. Nobody knew where he was taken or if he was still alive. The hero Cullwch was given an impossible number of quests to win the hand of his beloved, Olwen, and the rescue of Mabon (now an elder king in a dungeon for his whole life!) was part of the epic. The adventure included the aid of King Arthur’s court, and five Spirit Guide animals, Crow, Stag, Owl, Eagle, and Salmon.

Autumn is a favored time for outdoor activity, from camping to hunting, and perhaps we could extrapolate from this legend to include Animal Magick, and the seeking of Animal guides. Mabon oil would certainly harmonize well with campfire aroma and other Autumnal nature scents.