Meditation oil

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Meditation oil includes rare Acacia essential oil, true Sandalwood, and other soft, subtle scents to deepen and expand your meditative state. Focus herb: Saffron

I don't meditate, at least not in that way. There, I said it and I am a Bad Witch. But I let a friend try some when it was in the trial stages, and he came back a few days later, and said, "What did you PUT in that? I was away for hours!" To me it did not smell very strong, but naturally Meditation oil is going to be made of very soft, gentle ingredients. He suggested that I dilute the ingredients, but I had a feeling his lengthy state of meditation was because he had not been able to achieve the zen state for quite awhile. The formula stood, and I don't think you have to worry about missing meetings or anything. Anoint temples, third eye, and crown, just a dab. Someone told me they anoint their ears with it, to prevent auditory distractions.

These magick oils are also called ritual oils, anointing oils or condition oils. They can be used to anoint a person, candle, mojo bag, lucky coins, jewelry, amulets, statues, prayer or spell scrolls, or anything that has a connection with the purpose of the oil or the "condition" it is made to address. Use them according to your inspiration, imagination, the instructions in a book, your Spirit Guide, teacher or Angel's recommendations, or how your Grandma taught you.