Purification oil

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Purification oil is bright and clean smelling, of course. You could use it to cleanse any magickal tool or object that had been defiled or sullied by disharmonious influences, or to purify a person or place that had been disturbed by negative vibrations. Focus herb: Vervain

Purification oil is made on the Wednesday or Sunday immediately following the New Moon, for the fresh start of the Moon and for the Merurial and Solar influences most appropriate to cleansing and purification operations. You could use it to anoint a white, silver, blue or gold candle to bring purifying influences into a space, or you could pour a small amount into the four corners of a room or home that needed to be cleansed.

Purification oil could also be used in baths, in which case you would pour a quarter or third of a bottle into a very hot bath. I ritually harvest wild Vervain to use as the focus herb for this magick oil.

These magick oils are also called ritual oils, anointing oils or condition oils. They can be used to anoint a person, candle, mojo bag, lucky coins, jewelry, amulets, statues, prayer or spell scrolls, or anything that has a connection with the purpose of the oil or the "condition" it is made to address. Use them according to your inspiration, imagination, the instructions in a book, your Spirit Guide, teacher or Angel's recommendations, or how your Grandma taught you.