Spirit Summons oil

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This oil is used to summon spirits for you to command, or attempt to control. Good luck with that. It would be appropriate as well for working with Spirit boards or for old fashioned Seance channeling. Focus herb: Wormwood

Spirit Summons is my version of a traditional oil called Sorcery. It contains essential oil elements that are attractive to both spirits of the dead and other non-corporeal entities, daemons and thought forms and the like. It is then the practice of the sorcerer to command or control these energies to accomplish his or her will. It smells dark and mysterious, but also has sweetness for attraction and to feed the entities. It would be a natural for anointing candles for a Seance, or as a personal perfume for the leader of a Seance, paying especial attention to anointing the Third Eye, both on the front of the forehead and the base of the skull/top of the neck (which is the back portal of the Third Eye).

Sorcery, Spirit Summons and Seance is the exact same oil, and sorcery literally means the summoning of spirits. The only difference in the product is the label on the bottle. Let me know which you prefer.